Terms & Conditions


Mates Rates Property Maintenance  Cairns (MRPM) provides their customers with a guarantee on all workmanship and services performed by workers representing MRPM Cairns, covering the labour element on any job.

This guarantee is valid for 7 days after the job completion date

All materials, products and parts used for each work order are covered by their individual product warranty and MRPM Cairns accepts no liability for, or on behalf of third party product manufacturers.

MRPM Cairns strive to use high quality accredited and warranted products; and wherever possible, encourage customers to select from a range of suitable product options.


Contract Of Engagement

  • By engaging Mates Rates Property Maintenance Cairns (MRPM) to perform services and/or supply materials, You (The Customer) agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.


  • Residential payment is required on completion of work – please be sure to be present and/or contactable on the booked day of work as payment is required upon completion, unless otherwise agreed by both parties.
  • Commercial payment on completion of work is preferred, if previously arraigned invoices will be issued and due within 7 days from the date of issue.
  • Residential Payment Terms –
    one off jobs, payment is required on the day of completion. Please ensure you are avaliable for payment on completion.
  • Regular schedule customers, payment is due within 3 days of invoice.
    Unless otherwise agreed upon before the job is started.

    Commercial Payment Terms –
    Invoices are Due 7 days from the date of invoice.
    Unless otherwise agreed upon before the job is started.


    Note: Residential & Commercial customers.

    If can not finalise your invoice by the due date. please notify us immediately to arrange alternative payment options.

    Failure to contact us or notify us before the due date may results in late payment fee’s being applied.

  • Late payment fee’s                           In the event an invoice is 7 days overdue from its final due date and no notice is given to mates rates property maintenance in writing. we excessive our right to add a late payment fee. A late payment fee of $10 will be added to the invoice for every 7 days it’s past its original due date.               After 90 days from the date of The invoice. The invoice will be handed over to our third party collection agency.                              All late payment fee’s and fee’s charged by our credit recovery team will be the customers responsibility. By agreeing to engage in our service, you agree to our terms and comditions. These T&C’s where provided to you in our estimate and also our invoice.

We know that’s things happen and we are reasonable in arranging alternative or late payment terms without penalty. In the event we do offer a late payment without penalty and the customer does not keep there new agreed payment, we reserve the right to add the original late payment fee.

Also note that if a late payment fee is issued and the customer only pays the original invoice amount and not the full amount including the late payment fee. It will be Deamed that the invoice is only partially paid and not fully paid and the above T&C’s will continue in effect.

Any part payment will be used to pay late payment fee’s first, before Any money or monies is allocated as Payment towards the original invoice.

Unfortunately These terms and conditions where applied due to the fact that to many people or no payment for services where happening to often.

we thank you for your understanding and we do except genuine reasons for late payment without Penality. We have the final say and decision.

Payment Methods

  • Eftpos, Cash & Direct Deposit, cheque.  Please inform MRPM Cairns of your payment method.


  • Mates Rates Property Maintenance Cairns (MRPM) adhere that in regards to service/s offered it is the responsibility of the tenants/owners to ensure that the work area has been inspected and deemed safe for MRPM Cairns to commence work.
  • That the tenants/owners of the premises have conducted dial before you dig inspections and/or all other inspection/s required to locate hidden/obvious services within our work area. The tenants/owners excepts, is liable and responsible for damage that occurs outside of MRPM legal requirement if they fail to notify MRPM of these services.
  • It is the tenants/owners responsibility to apply and provide all permits in regards to tree removal and/or establishing gardens or services on personal, crown or council land, pressure washing and or house washing.
  • MRPM Cairns will not be held liable for damages to items that are not weather proof or have the incorrect/incomplete exterior coatings. Please be aware that pressure cleaning (even on cement based surface) can have an abrasive effect. So therefore will be done at the owners risk.
  • Roof cleaning – there is always an element of risk for leakage due to possible roof damage. We cannot be certain that your roof will not leak as this comes down to your general roof condition. All roof cleaning will be done at the tenants/owners risk.

Pressure Cleaning & Prior To

  • It is the tenant/owners duty to ensure all areas are clutter free and free from items that could possibly become wet via water or cleaning products. Including but not limited to; Lounges, Electrical Appliances, Pet Bedding, Pillows/Cushions, Clothing, Books, Paintings etc. If you are unsure of any item please remove it prior to your booking. Please be sure that any external electrical outlets/fuse boxes are weather proof, in the event they are not weather proof ensure you have taken all steps to weather proof or seal and advise MRPM. Be sure to advise the MRPM representative on the location of any electrical outlets or fuse boxes, prior to cleaning.
  • Be aware that plain / stained / varnished / oiled furniture or timber can bleed colour upon contact with any water. Please be sure to relocate these items as we are unable to insure these items will not bleed colour, as this is determined by the quality of coating/product used.
  • In the event that a fishpond/tank in within/close to the cleaning areas it is required that the tenants/owners cover/move and seal the fishpond/tank and advise the MRPM representative prior to the commencement of cleaning.
  • Be aware that anything around or below the areas being pressure cleaning and or house washing are likely to become wet, if items in the surrounding areas aren’t waterproof/sealed, make sure you put the item/s away or they are properly covered.
  • Prior to your booked cleaning, ensure that your windows are closed and latched, if in the event that your windows are known to leak, please inform the MRPM representative. To ensure the items within your home are free from possible damage/discolouring please move including but not limited to; Lounges, Curtains/Blinds, Electrical Appliances, Pet Bedding, Pillows/Cushions, Clothing, Books, Paintings etc from around the window frames if the windows have a tendency to leak.
  • As high pressure cleaning is used on the house and or rotary brush it is possible for a small amount of water to enter the home through the windows if not properly securely sealed.
  • Please note that although windows have the capability to leak, all care will be taken on the part of the MRPM representative to prevent this from happening. In the event that you are concerned with window leakage please place old towels below window frame to catch the water.

Cancellation Of Scheduled Works

  • In extreme cases MRPM may cancel the contract/booking prior to the delivery of goods/services by giving notice in writing or via telephone contact. MRPM shall not be liable for any losses/damages whatsoever arising from such a cancellation.
  • The client may cancel bookings within 48hrs of booking/appointing work to MRPM.
  • In the event that the client wishes to cancel a booking, they are responsible for all costs occurred by MRPM up to the time of or, as a direct result of the cancellation.


  • All quoted prices are inclusive on GST.
  • Quotations are valid for 30 days (and may with withdrawn at any time).
  • The client will provide the water and power necessary to complete the quoted works at no cost to MRPM (unless otherwise agreed).
  • The client will provide access to property/s necessary to complete quoted works at no cost MRPM.
  • MRPM shall be under no liability in the whatsoever to the client for any indirect loss and/or expense (including loss of profit) suffered by the client arising out of a breach of this contract.